Friday, January 30, 2009

The Young & Old Generation of Today.

I'm sure I'm not the only one experiencing this..

Just now, as I walked into my room, I saw my youngest sister with her best friend on my laptop listening to songs. I didn't care for a second, but was Avenged Sevenfold! Like, seriously, WHAT THE HELL? They're only 10 years old! And they were singing alonggg to the song. I do not even know what f*cked up song is that! Hahahah. Seriously people, children has to stop watching the Tv. It's getting in their heads, and not to mention scaring the shit out of their sisters!

But really, I was shocked. I did not know 10 year olds are capable of listening to such high pitch noise and doing the high picth themselves!

Anddd, the other day, as I was heading downstairs from my room, I saw my dad watching the Tv. And he was watching 'Totally Spies'. Alone. Like totally. It's this cartoon show in Disney if you have no idea what it is...
I guess the Tv could corrupt the minds of old people too. Hahahah.

Damn funny sial. :D

Alright, excuse me as I digest these. Out people!

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