Saturday, January 10, 2009

What's happening to the World?

Had my last reunion with Edith & Nick earlier tonight. Been spending nights with them jacking off to stupid stuffs, exchanging stories & reminiscing old high school memories (makes me feel so old). Clare, of course was hanging out with us too. I'm gonna miss you guys, Edith & Nick! Had fun spending the nights with you three. And I'm pretty sure you are gonna miss my shop's Teh C Peng Special! LOL.
&Don't worry Clare, I'll miss you later when you take off for Perak. See, I do remember where you study at. I don't mistaken your lovely Perak for Kedah anymore now do I? HAHAHA.
By the way, I miss hanging out with you guys already. I had fun scaring your chicken asses with my ghosts stories though! Tell me, I have a knack for telling super cool creepy ghost stories or whatt?? :P

Anyways, it's 7 in the morning now, and I have not been sleeping since. No good night sleep from me for weeks. This is getting very serious. O.o
I might want to change. Insyaallah.

So talking about the news today. Heard about what's happening in Gaza? Personally, I am not satisfied with the Israelis. How can they do that to the Palestinians? And what are the reasons? I just do not understand. How can you hurt such innocent people? God, have mercy. It is as much pain to see them on the Tv, what more to feel what they are facing?
& the question here, what do they want from the Palestinians? And innocent children? Are you mad, Israelis? I guess you are.
Enough said. Or I'm just gonna explode right here. & it's gonna beat the hell out of your phosphorus bombs that you're using to attack Gaza. I swear to you.

Arghh. Excuse me as I walk away from this, for now. Pray for them. Allah save them.

&Hopefully, a very good morning to all of you.
Now, let me have my breakfast.

Till then,
Ciao people.

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