Monday, January 19, 2009

The Big CNY.

It's almost Chinese New Year, am I'm not so sure if we are going back to celebrate this year. Popo just passed away in the middle of last year, so this would be the first ever CNY without her. I pity my Kung kung. :(

Anyways, I heard that probably we are going back for a couple of days, minus the usual big celebrations. Maybe less visits too, I don't know...

I do want to go back to celebrate with Kung kung though.
But then I heard probably Abah wants to take me to KL for a few days while he's on his business trip.. & if it all works out well, I'll be going back to Kuching for CNY, then to KL, people!
If it works out I mean..

Well, let's just wait & see shall we?

Ohh, I've been having these cravings for yummy cakes & I don't know why. Feels like going to Coffee Bean or somewhere. Even a birthday cake would do! Ahah.
Talking about birthday cakes, Happy belated birthday my lovely Tutush & Mim too!
Hope you guys had a great birthday.
& miss you Tutush. :)

Ta for now.

All the love from a Monday evening,
Epah ;)

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