Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Flowers by the Lakeside.

I find it amazing how much your heart can love someone and no matter what they did or going to do, your'e still there for them. And no matter what they've done, you're okay with it. Not to say that you are totally okay with it, but you learn to be okay with it. And you can still take them as for who they are. No matter how little or much they had change. Just the thought of being in line with someone, I find that you are lucky if you can actually have someone you can talk to, practically about anything at all. Though, you might get shocked from what you are about to learn from the other person. But it's amazing how that person can just calm you down just like that. Maybe it's the comfort they give, or that soothing voice they talk to you in, or their presence that you can feel so strong. Or maybe, it is just them. Maybe you guys are meant for each other, but you don't know it. It's like destiny, how ever far you run away, and whatever things you do to avoid it, it's there. It's always has been there. Just there. A static feeling both of you can feel. Sometimes it's so strong, even the people around you are touched by it. I thank you for being in my life. Though the harsh things I might have said or may not say in front of your face; I appreciate you in my life. Thank you for being there.

Or maybe I'm all wrong for being a fool...

Monday, May 24, 2010



I'm gonna die!


I'm panicking so so bad right noww!


I need Valium!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Each moment counts.

You know when you're in this one state that you just have to get something off your mind, it can either be a confession or just a thought that has been bugging your for some time. You know that feeling? Well, I get that feeling a lot. A hell lot. But in the end, most of the time I tend not to tell it to anyone. 'Cause most of the people I would want them to know about whatever it is I wanna tell them, they'd just go MIA on me. Or I don't know...Or something. So.. at the end, I just keep it to myself cause after that I don't feel like talking about it no more. Tried telling you, but you didn't wanna listen. Tough luck. That moment just passed by.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sleep texting.

Hi ya peeps!

How's your day? Mine's okay. Though, I had a bit of a shock from someone sometime this morning. A good shock probably, but you know...it's not supposed to happen.

Anyhoos...moving on....

So, like... I've been having all these dreams right, like they are so totally weird. LOL. But yes, I have been having weird ass dreams that may include you probably!!! It all seemed so real that I got freaked out myself. It's hard to explain, but I think these dreams of mine lately has got to do with what I keep thinking of. &Even when I slept for 8 freaking hours, I still feel tired when I wake up. :(
It's the subconscious mind of Epah, man. & It's scaaary.

&It's not like it's not already weird...
But apparently, I've been sending weird messages to certain people in this few weeks whenever I wake up with a jolt from my sleepless dreams. I've been sending messages half asleep. I've been sleep textinggg.
It's like drunk dialing, except that I don't drink and it's not a call, and I won't exactly remember on what I'm doing. GAWD.
I blame the overload shit full of works & the tense. It's intensity is too intensive.

GAAHHH. Oh well.

Good night.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Catch a faling star & put it in my pocket, save it for a rainy day...


Okay, I have a confession. I have been logging in and out of my blog account here, but not managed to write even a single sentence, that is until now...
Nothing seems to interest me, I lost hope, I lost my touch, my interests, and hell lot of respect from a lot of people probably. But if you were to ask me 'how's life?' I'd say, it's good. It's all good...
You see, this is the problem here. I AM THE PROBLEM. I bought this predicament to myself, now I have to gather and muster all of myself to sort this out. I seem not to care, I don't know why. I mean, I don't want to disappoint people that has hopes for me; be it high or low, but but but..I'm being an asshole.
I'm gonna try to wipe my mess and get my shit straight, Inshaallah.
I think I need a little push, just a little, not a lot. Overdoing it might give me the wrong idea and impression which may get me back to square one.
But oh well, I'm proud enough to know that I know I have a problem but not proud at the way I'm dealing with it...or not dealing with it at all.
But you know... Maybe that's just how I am. That's how I work..

'Cause you know...
I think I just have more shoes to walk in.....