Thursday, January 29, 2009

Frustrated much?

Is it possible for someone to get mad at you for things you might not know of?

Is it possible for them to cut all ties because of that one slight mistake?

Is it possible for yourself to get mad back because HELL, you have no idea what's going on at the first place?

Yes, yes. And a double yess!!
Shit, I can get mad too alright.
Not to mention annoyed.

I could be a bit if a blur ass, so do tell me stuffs. Sometimes I don't notice it, so gimme a clue.
I'm not all miss perfect, you know.
I am human, better yet, I am just a girl.

What is there imaginable for just a girl to do?

At this point, I am convinced there is hardly anybody that could relate and/or understand me more than myself.

And pleaseee, to all ya neighbors; stop open burning for heaven’s sake! It’s unhealthy and it’s bad for the environment. Makes me think what you did all the years you had in your life to affect you in the head.

My hair smells like smoke, my clothes & room smells like smoke, every corner of my friggin house smells like smoke and the air smells like smoke and I’m inhaling it! Stop, ya idiot! Idiocracy is such a disgrace.

And you are just burning up my fire even more.

Ahh, then again. Whatever f face. My voice is too small for you to hear...

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