Saturday, January 17, 2009

Insomnia attacks again.

I should be sleeping right now since I have a driving class at 8.30 in the morning. I know I knoww. Like what I told Wann, I'll eventually fall asleep. If not here, maybe in the class tomorrow. Haha.

Now it has been some time since I actually really ramble here in my blog.
Since I can't keep myself still and my eyes shut, I'll just start rambling now.

So I miss Clare already..She was off to Perak today. And glad I spent some time with her. See you in half a year time sweetie! Lol.
There was this one night when I was over at her place, she had the guitar there, and was playing to "Your Call" by Seconhand Serenade which was awesome! We were singing to the song together. Gonna miss ya girl. :)

Anyways, Syeba's back in town for the holidays. At least I have someone to bug from my left over of 1 out of almost 4 months of holidays if ever I get bored.
(Guys, don't get jealous just 'cause I have got 4 months of holidays and you don't. Hahah.)

OH OH OH. Hot dangg mama. There's this guy that had just added me up on facebook. & he's hot! Lol.
Okay, let's just not talk about that.

So my brother came up to me earlier tonight and told me that I was diabolical.
Could you believe that??? I swear I could be the most angelic person that you would have ever met in your life time!
Well, maybe I'm exxagerating a bit, but still... I was like, whatttt? Oh no, I am so nott okayyy. I am a very good person, indeed I am. & I wish to be more. Hahah.
He had just said that out of boredom I guess, when I was about to do "something". It's not going to be stated here as it is a bit unhealthy for people to know. Lol. Still, it is not up to the point that you could call me a diabolic. Ahh, what-evs bro. I'm happy, you're happy. Whatever makes you happy.

Uh huhh, lookie lookie. Look at the time, I should really be hitting the sacks now. It's approximately 4.09 a.m. and I have the driving class in a few hours time.

Oh. God I hope I can wake up.
See ya in the morning!
Lols. Ciao.

&Harleen, yes. We should go out again. Some time soon okay? ;)

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