Saturday, January 3, 2009

My daytrip to Miri.

I went to Miri today, had to get back some of my stuffs from Curtin..
So, uh-huh. I have a confession.
I don't want to go back to Curtin...

Why? I have my reasons, and somehow I do not think anybody would understand me even if I tried explaining. So I should just keep quiet about this. Plus, my parents prefer me to be in Miri, so I'll stay. :)

gain, I have not been sleeping at night and my bedtime is all messed up, which is really bad. I'll only fall asleep around 4 a.m. the earliest. It's already a new year, and I am not giving myself a good start.
Note to self; try sleeping early.

Anyways, how did you celebrate your new year? I had a lot of party invitations. But I went to just one. :O
Spent half the night partying. God that was exhausting, but of course fun! Big big smiles from people after the party. Everybody were enjoying themselves. We ate a hell lot; there was food all around. (oh heaven!) Lols. I spent the whole night dancing! We did some singing and played games too. The games were so much fun! We had a limbo competition, and there were some other games that included toilet papers, make-ups, straws & boys. HAHAH.
After the countdown, we wished "Happy New Year" to everybody present at the party and exchanged hugs and kisses. :))
Then...we started partying again! Hahah. It was a memorable night though. I enjoyed myself to the max. :D

*a happy new year from me, to all of you out there!*

Some other pictures from the party. :)

& Right now it's 5.45 in the morning.
I should get some sleep.

Till then,


HMJ said...

why u xmau balik curtin?
xbes ?
dun force urself dear,i've made a lot of mistake dlm my study nye hal..n i regret it u still young n jgn nanti jd mcm i..hehe
u still got plenty of time to turn back!! heeee

Syarifah Zahirah Al-attas said...

no laa. its a great place. i have my own reasons. but no hal la, i thik ok dah.. kott. ahah. :P
insyaallah dpt. ;)