Saturday, January 24, 2009

Chinese New Year.

Hey people! I'm here to wish everyone of you a Very Prosperous & Happy New Year!
Though plans might have change for my family. We're not going back to celebrate CNY this year. Seriously, It is sucky. Don't even let me get started on thatt.

And for your info, I have a mix of Chinese blood in me and I do celebrate Chinese New Years every year.

At least Abah made an effort to cheer us up, so we're going for the big dinner tonight. You know, the one they have every year before a new year. SO I hope this could at least cheer me up. 'Cause I'm a bit down in the dump about few things lately. Especially about not going back. :(

I miss my family back in Kuching. I hope you guys are gonna have a great new year ahead! Kung kung, I love you! & everybody too okayy. ;)

I'll post the photos for the dinner tonight. So see ya, gotta go get ready! Ciao.


HMJ said...

why xbalik kuching for CNY?i tot u all balik sana??!!

Syarifah Zahirah Al-attas said...

x jadi balik. mak busy sgt, she had meetings, and can't be arranged. tu la pasal..