Sunday, January 18, 2009

They keep on coming.

I know I’ve touched a bit about this subject before in one of my previous post. But the Israelis are really getting on my nerves right now. Not just them, all of the Muslim countries too, and that includes Malaysia.

Why on earth are we not doing anything? I may speak for my own, but my voice is not loud enough to be heard. The leaders of our country should seriously do something about this. Isn’t it is already in our teachings that we Muslims are brothers? All of us are brothers. We are somewhat related. All of us human are somewhat related. We came from Adam & Eve. Do you not notice that??

Can you just imagine the total number of Muslims in this earth compared to the Israelis?? Damned you Zionists. Israel laknatullah.

In the Middle East country alone, there should be about 300 million of us Muslims, and what about the Israelis? There are just 5 million of them. Tell me, why are we scared?

Why are we not doing anything to help them?

Let us pray for them. No matter what you stand for, your race, your religion, or among yourselves. We have to save human kind. What have they done to deserve this? Do you not understand what is happening to this world?

I know I could not bear it if I am to be in Palestine right this moment…to be one of them. Could you? Could you imagine yourself in their shoes? Can you?

Ya Allah, ya Tuhanku... What is happening to this world??

What else is there to be done for us to save ourselves from the human race itself?

Please, help me spread this awareness. I am not just talking about a religion here. I am talking about a race of people. Save them.

"Oh Allah support the Islam and Muslimeen in Palestin, Oh Allah make their hearts firm (in Imaan, Taqwaa, Tawakkul etc.), Oh Allah make their feet firm (uncompromising and steadfast), Oh Allah support them (the Mujaahideen) over those who show animosity to them, Oh Allah destroy their enemies, Oh Allah shake the earth beneath their (the enemies) feet, Oh Allah support our scholars, Oh Allah be with them and protect them, please accept our du'aas you are indeed the best knower and the best listener..ameen ameen".

Amin yarabbil alamin…

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