Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Out of my mind.

I am not boastful, I am proud.
I am not overexcited, but fill with joy.

I do not mumble, I talk.
I do not just hear, but I listen.
I do not just see, I look.
I do not just observe, but I feel..

I am human, as to you too.
Never give up. Never surrender. Never say die.

That's how I was grown up with, and still until this very day. It has always been the principles my family has put in my head.
We are all the same though, just that how much of what you have learn throughout your life makes YOU who you are, and who YOU want to be.

If ever at some point of your life if you feel like giving up, and all that in your life is not worth it. Think back, think of all the people you have step your life into. And all the people that have stepped into yours. Think of all the lives you've changed, and how it changed/s yours too.
Your family, your friends, your lovers... People surrounding you.

Anytime is always the best time to say what you want.
Anyways, it's been awhile. ;)

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