Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sexiness in Everyone

Check this out. I really like this ad. It's really cool. Who says us Muslims women can't? LOL. One of my favorite ads actually. =)

You did that.

You just smashed my heart. Yes, you did. You hurt me, and I'm not even denying it.

It's high time for me to figure this one all over again.

&Start my new mistake.

Another one.. and another one..

Until I get it right.

Thank you.

Thank you to you so so much. :')

Hats off & a standing ovation for you.

I'll worry if I were you btw...or not.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Reality Check.

Something just has to hit you in the face in order for you to know you're doing the wrong thing. I mean, sometimes you do know, but you just can't accept the fact that it is wrong.

You keep on going and going and going until it just hits you in the head.
And you crash...HARD.


Sounds a lil' bit too dramatic...
I did get myself in quite a predicament here.

Been slacking off of the reality world. Now, currently I'm cleaning up my act and trying to redeem myself by starting with my assignments. Finally eh? Haha.

I got myself into this, now I just have to deal with it.

I kinda like the excitement it gives actually. =)

Happy doing assignments & revisions, y'all!

Good Luck.

Friday, October 16, 2009


My first ever concert I went to was one of Michael Jackson's. I was such a big fan of him since God knows when!

Linking to that, I went on you tube to search for interesting videos of live performances from Michael Jackson. I stumbled into a live performance from him & Britney Spears. Two of my favourite singers; it's legendary! This was years back though, and I actually remembered watching this from the comfort of my home with the family. We're all big fans of Michael Jackson. I'm just a much more bigger fan of Britney Spears than they are. =)

I know I would have enjoyed this show more if I was actually there. LOL.

Britney Spears is so hot here.. If I'm not in the right state of mind, I would have turned bi for her. HAHA.

But, anyways. Enjoy! :D

Ohh, I've been coughing like mad lately. :O

Can you feel the heat?

Watched a movie entitled "Heat". Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino were in it. Also, Val Kilmer and a young teenage Natalie Portman. It's an old movie, but it was nice. It's about these really professional robbers. I just like the way bad boys think. LOL

"A guy told me one time,

Don't let yourself get attach to anything you are not willing to work out on 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner."
One of my favourite lines from the movie. =)
That particular line just hit me, and I was reminded of my own decisions that I may have or have not made.
Makes me think, it is true. Don't get in whatever problem you don't want to deal with in the future. But sometimes, people are too caught up in the moment, they just don't seem to care nor notice it.

Choose wisely, people!


Monday, October 12, 2009

What I'm feeling.

There's just too much angst within me. I would want to let it out so badly. Only if I know how...

smash smash smash KAA-BOOMM!

Won't that be easier?


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Am I wrong to do so?

All of a sudden, I just feel like screaming. I'm so cranky right now, & I don't even know why. Maybe because of bottled up feelings? I don't know... I don't know what hit me. Everything is just so disdain right now. Everything just doesn't seem right. One thing, or the other just bother the hell out of me. This is such a hassle.

I need to.

I want to.

Can I..?

Can I just

I'd die to find out what's up with me.
Exactly. Right. Now.

Monday, October 5, 2009

What a Day!

I just got back from my home town yesterday.

I went to class as usual...and I was kinda excited to see someone after class.

I did see him, we had a fight and I didn't get too excited anymore after that.

I don't know man.. I really don't know what's gonna happen.

It turned out better after that though.

Maybe we didn't really figured out what to do, but I'm glad we talked.

&I really want things to work out.

Just remember what I told you okay.

I hope it'll get better.

Interesting day I had though.

...This too shall pass...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Come down, Run down.

Happy Eid everybody! Yeah I know, I know... I'm a few weeks late, but we are still in the month of Eid, why not eh? =)

Was planning to take a family picture and posting it up here, but we were too busy & nobody actually remembered to take one. LOL. Raya was fun though, nonetheless.

Raya was hella fun I tell ya!

It was hectic all through the week. I went visiting with different groups of people each day. Hahah. There was the family group, the siblings, the cousins & the friends.

&Somehow in between, the friends found the opportunity to slip in some Martel. And not to mention, a lot of dates, camels & poos. HAHA.

I miss you guys. I miss everybody back home.

Moving on,...
I didn't go to prom nor the after party. I had something else going on back home at the very same time. No biggie. There's always next year eh? =)

I heard it was fun; but I had my own fun going on, so that's okayyyy. ;)

Exam's coming in less than a month. I gotta start picking up my pace & I better start reading. Fast.

Goodnight people. Happy Monday!