Saturday, January 31, 2009

Just another fairy-tale.

Have you ever fell so hard for someone?
Have you ever had this feeling of deserving somebody that deserves you back?
Like he/she is the perfect person for you.
And everything is surely to turn out great.
Extraordinary, is an understatement.
That person is seriously all that.

As both parties try and fix things..
The greatness stops,
it just stops.
The feeling that was so strong, that was so overwhelming,
it's gone...
It's not turning out the way you wanted it to, and you know that.
The perfect little fairy-tale ain't so perfect after all.
Just because you're trying.

Both of you know what you had before was better.
When everything was simple and not complicated.
When you were not trying.

Sometimes fairy-tales do not have to end with the prince marrying the princess..
It just has to be a happy ending.
Weirdly, it's for the best and we're both happy.
I know I love you.
& I know you do too.

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