Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tired, Frustrated & Cranky.

Chemicals React [Sam998899s Reactive Video Mix] - Aly & AJ

Take a second and press play. :)

This is one of my favourite songs at the moment. I kept listening to it every now and then. Though this version is kinda a bit weird, but oh well...

Lately, my days had been very exhausting. I'm helping my mum with her restaurant and canteen. Serious shit I tell ya,
this is very tiring. I work from 8 to 5 at the canteen. And sometimes, when I'm very lucky, I'll have to work again during the night at the restaurant.
After work, I find myself dozing off at the weirdest places. HAHA.
I'll just sleep practically anywhere. But the thing is, I'll wake up in the middle of the night to do some other stuffs that I did not have the time of the day to do.

Earlier today, I went to work as usual early in the morning. Around 1.30 p.m, Abah texted me up saying that my grandfather was hospitalized. He complained of heart constrictions and the doctor said that his inside is bleeding and he needs to be admitted and they have to do a blood transfusion. I'm not so sure, but I guess it's not that serious? Or is it? O_o
So around 3 o'clock I went to the hospital to visit my grandfather, "jedi" as what I call him. It's an Arabic term by the way. I spent another few hours taking care of him. Now, I'm all f-ed up. I'm exhausted.
& Hope I will not have to go to the restaurant later tonight.

I better get some rest, before someone gets hurt. Ciao.

Ahh.. For now..,
a cup of yogurt, series of gossip girl and lazying around in my room will do.
&& maybe some sleep.. :)

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