Thursday, December 4, 2008

Puddings! :)

It's approximately 2.05 a.m, and I have just finish making puddings, with the help of my two sidekicks: Zakirah and Shasha. Puddings are definitely one of my specialties. *grins widely*

*here's a glimpse of the little rascals*

*that's a lot of puddings! yum yum.*

Abang even stayed up just to taste a bit of the pudding. Look at the state he's in! LOL.

Everybody helped out; that was fun. I miss doing these kind of stuffs back home. Well, not everybody though. My two kid siblings didn't help us out. They were too busy playing Sims 2 on my lappy. Poor lappy, it's been a victim of too many people nowadays. U need some rest lappy.

*Zaid & Zabirah*

I need some rest too. Gotta wake up early. Going out tomorrow morning! :D
Good night people!
Signing off!

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