Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry X'mas!

HO HO HO! Merry X'mas everybody! LOL. :D

I've been busy these few days. So much work to do in the office, so many paper works! Ouhh, danggg! I am not happy! :(
So, last night was pretty interesting though! It all started when I go
t bored and started texting Clare around almost 11p.m, forcing her to take me out for a spin. Well, or at least do something. After that, she gave in and just decided to go out without either of her parents' permission or any other person by that means. She just changed her Tee, took the car keys, and out the gate for me!
Clare, I know you love me! LOLs. :P
Right after picking me up from my house, I rang
Valerie up, telling her we were on the way to her house to pick her up. Please note that I did not even ask if she wanted to come or not, I just told her flatly that. And yeah, she was shocked! Haha.
We picked her up and went to my mum's place to have a drink
of the famous 'Teh C Peng Special' since Valerie wanted it so much! HAHA.
Then, we went for rides around town. We went crazy once the 'Dangerous' song from Akon played on
Clare's stereos. We were singing along loudly and just having a blast! God that was fun! Seriously.
& I miss you guys oh-so-much! :)

We finally stopped at the Parkcity Mall parking lot on the top floor and just hang there telling amusing stories, and scary ones, & not to forget, taking pictures! And by the way, before I forget, Val, I want those pictures! :D
We started going back when we noticed it was already 1a.m, and pretty sure our parents would not be so pleased. Hahah. Gile takde keje. :P

We sent Valerie home first, then me, then Clare drove back alone. At least, I hoped you were alone, Clare. *big grins*

*picture I got from Valerie*

So, anyhoo... Supposedly, I was to meet up with
Harleen & Arina today, but unfortunately, things failed to be managed and our plans were cancelled at the very last minute. Sucks big time. We have been wanting to meet up and have an outing since it's very hard for all the three of us to hang out due to holidays and college days. Arina just got back from Labuan today, AND Harleen's heading for KL tomorrow. By the time Harleen's back, Arina will already be back in Labuan. How sucky can it gets? *sigh*

That's okay fellas. I guess we could meet up sometime later? There's bound to be a time that all the 3 of us could meet right? I miss you guys deeply too! Hope to see you guys anytime soon!

All the love under the mistletoe,
signing off,
Epah. :)

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