Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sorry is all I can say.

I’m so sorry if I ever, at some point, ruined your life.

I did not mean to do all of this. You should have known what would happen, as you already do know the truth about me. But I am not blaming this on you; I know it’s my fault. I do have a cold heart sometimes. If only you’ll know…

I am so sorry for causing all of this to you. It was not my intention-it was never my intention.

Now all I can feel is the guilt of doing that to you. I can ignore it, but I can’t stand it at times.

Dear, I’m so sorry…

& I don’t blame you if you hate me.

To a dear friend; I wish we could still talk and be as we were.

But all of that is impossible; I know. I’m sorry I hurt you.

(10.36p.m. 18 Dec o8)

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