Monday, December 8, 2008

Eid Celebration

Just a short update here.
Today was kind of fun. We had family gatherings. First off at Jazlee's place in the morning. After that, everybody came to my house & gathered here.
Around late afternoon, everybody went back to get some rest. We had one more family gathering at Syifa's for dinner.I'm a bit exhausted from today. & here's a couple of Eid's pixxies:
*I have no idea why I looked so innocent, but what ever. HAHA*

I've been having weird stomachache attacks again. It's been like this since two days ago. Sucky ya'know. :(
Anyways, gotta hit the sack. According to my watch, it's 3.21 a.m. now, and I have work to do tomorrow morning. :groanss:
Ahh, see you guys. Tata.

I've been missing quite some people lately.

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