Sunday, December 21, 2008

Have U ever been in LOVE?

So I was chatting with Harleen darling earlier on and we came up with this one very interesting topic: How do you know that you love someone? How can you prove that you truly madly deeply do love that person?

Does it depends on
how much you miss them?
Or is it
how much they mean to you?
Or how
much you care about them?
Or how
much you like them being there for you?

Okay, let's just say maybe
I DON'T KNOW AT ALL. But come to think of it, it sure can be explained somehow, right? Sometimes it is unexplainable, no questions about that but there is always that specific feeling. But is it really how love feels like? Have you ever asked yourself; "Is this how it feels like?"

Could it be that specific feeling that you have when you're around that person.
That feeling that you have when you see them.
That feeling when they look you in the eye.
That feeling when they touch your hands.
That feeling when you see their names on the caller I.D. before you answer the phone.
That feeling that you have when you wake up thinking about that person.
That feeling everytime you think about them before going to sleep.
That feeling when you misses them.

& you just know that everything will be alright if you're with that special someone.

I guess it's all those feelings you have towards that one person. As what I said to Harleen, either you hate them, you like them, you hate & like them to be can't seem to get yourself away from them. After all that they have done, after all that has happened, you still want them at the end...with you.

Maybe that's love?

All & all, I guess you just know, I suppose...

& Aleen, I know I love you though! Hahah. :P

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