Tuesday, December 9, 2008

O M F G !

Okayyyy, so I was slightly closed to be spending the night in a lock-up!
This just happened few minutes ago.
Heh. Why, you ask? Because of my clever brother. We were in my Uncle's Viva from my Mom's restaurant. We were to send the workers back home. We went to this small store before sending them home, to buy some ciggs (it's for the workers alright). So, my bro drove there-the opposite way of the road. Usually, I'm okay with this, but then not tonight. I told my bro to turn around, that there's police up in front and go the other way, yet, he did not.
He just kept on going straight, then, came the excitement. Just by the roadside, there was this one police car. The car honked us. Abg did not stop though, he just kept on driving to the store.
We stopped there, they bought their needs. AND the police car came. Uh huh... Trouble, trouble.
The policeman asked all of us to stepped out of the car and gave him our I.Cs and stuffs.

Police dude : Asal you drive lawan law?
Abg : Saje..
Police dude : Saje?? Ooo, kurang ajar.
Abg : Ye ah. Nampak jalan macam kosong je.
Police dude : Oh, lock-up aku pun kosong sekarang. Nanti aku masuk korang sumer kat dalam.
*Then he called up some of his other police friends*

He asked whether Abg was drunk for driving like that. The thing is, he was fully sober. & I can't imagine how it would be if he was ever drunk.
He then started saying things like we're gonna spend the night in the lock-up for Abg's reckless driving. One of my mom's workers got really panicked at that point and started saying shit, which just mad me pissed off at him & practically screamed at his face to shut up caused it wasn't just him. Everybody was feeling the pressure.
I called up my dad and told him to come and save us. & he said he was on the way, and stay put. And he sounded furious.
Right after that, another police car came and the police people started talking to themselves. We just kept quiet, standing by the store.
Abah was so gonna killed us, exactly what I was thinking.
The other policemen started asking us questions too. Then he said,"You guys are very fortunate because we're gonna let you go. This is a warning to all of you."
So yeah, we went back. Relieved. And I called Abah to just go back cause he let us go. Abah sounded more furious this time.

On the way back after all the drama, one of the police car followed us. And very unfortunately, there was another car going the opposite way-the same way we used. & the police stopped the car! OMG, one more? LOL. & I don't think this other guy got away with it. Hahaha. Okay, that was seriously a lesson to be learned!

After that, we found out that the police guy was one of Abah's friends. How shitty is thatt? That's probably why he let us go. O.o
And back home after that, Abah wasn't furious at all. He asked us what the policemen questioned us. And that was it. He left us watching Tv and went to sleep.

Oh, well. God bless us.
&This all started around 12.30 just now. Damn.

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