Friday, April 24, 2009


1. This morning, my group mates and I managed to sell off our home made puddings in about 2 hours time for the accounting project. It was kinda fun somehow, it's an experience eh. :))
2. Rushed back to my room after that, met up with Harleen for awhile, passed up some of my assignments then went back to my room and started packing things to bring along..
3. Abg helped me. :P
4. Went back around 4 with an uncle that happened to be in Miri at that time and arrived in Bintulu around 5.40 or so..
5. Had a family gathering just now and a little tahlil too.. Just a few hours after I arrived home.
6. Caught up with new news and stories from relatives and friends.
7. I got damn tired sial...
8. I miss people back in Miri..

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