Saturday, April 11, 2009

Someone? Anyone, please?

I swear to you I'm gonna go insane in a few minutes. Lol.

I need somebody to talk to man, now I know I cannot live alone. Hahah.

I've been sleeping the whole day. Surfing up the net for seriously random stuffs for hours and hours. Chatting with total strangers since my friends are not online. Walking around the campus for no reason. Watching a heck load of movies. Painting and repainting my nails for more than 3 times. Still, from all of these, I conclude that I can't stand not talking to anybody.

Sure, I hung out with Nash & Sujen for a bit. But that was just only during dinner time.
The Jeng has left for Thai Bar, or what's left of the Jeng that is...

Now I'm gonna go cuckoo.


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