Thursday, April 2, 2009

In the middle of the night,

Apologies for the lack of updates yeah? Been busy with works, and yes of course, the dreadful big "E". EXAMS. In fact, I'm having one tomorrow actually, which explains why I'm not going back home this weekend, unlike my brother...who goes back every weekends. Heh.

I miss people back home. Guess I'm missing out on another family gathering again. :(

However, I'm looking forward to be having some fun with the Jeng this Curtin Open Day, which is going to be held on the 4th of April, that is this Saturday. Hope it's gonna be fun! :)

Anyways, Kevin has been tutoring both me and Tako these past few days in Accounting. Chris helped me out too! Came as a really confusing unit for me at first, but yeah...I can understand more now. I've never had accounting before, which explains me not understanding a thing. It'll grow into me, later. Somehow. LOL. :D

Alright, I'mma hit the sack now. Wish me luck for my exam tomorrow! Ciao, people. ;)

Somehow I do still miss you.

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