Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Damn man.

It's been the 5th day since I'm back home, and you know what... I have been slouching my ass off and not doing a thing! Sheesh, I'm gonna start studying right after this, I swear! Lol.

Even Nash has started his revision! Hahaha. Nash, it's a compliment lah okayy. :P

I just finished watching "Eagle Eye". Yeah, I know it was so last year, BUT. I have only got the chance to actually sit down with no disturbance or whatsoever and I had just got the copy of the Blu-Ray. So yeah. :D

Damn, Shia Le Beouf is really hot. He's not buff hot or whatever, but he's hot. LOL. You gotta give props to the guy, he has some real talent there. And do you know, he has gotten an offer from Yale before? He turned it down though, said he's not into education shit and stuffs. To actually get the offer; you must be really one hell of an intelligent guy. Very impressive indeed.

So, I guess I'll be signing off now and start studying... Heh.

Ciao people.
xoxo. ;)

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