Monday, April 13, 2009

My day out with Boi&Wann!

Yesterday, the whole freaking day I went out from around 9.30 in the morning to about 10 at night. Hahah. That's damn long man. Boi & Wann picked me up. I have not seen them for months so it was kind of good to do an outing every once in a awhile.
We went out for breakfast first.. Then we just hung out talking and talking. I met some couple of new people too. =)
We had an early dinner around 5 something is it? I'm not so sure. LOL. Boi just got really hungry, so yeah.. We had dinner at Citrus. The place is like this really small cute restaurant with cute paintings on the walls. It was adorable!
After that, Boi had to go due to...I'm not so sure what. Hahah. So I hung out with Wann for awhile. It was raining so so very heavily at that time. Wann dozed off at the sofa next to me while I was reading a magazine. Hahah. You looked like a lil' baby, Wann! :P

We watched "Wiped Out" later on on AXN. Damn funny! I was laughing my ass off! LOLS.

I went back home after that. Quite exhausting, but had some fun times though. I love you guys. Take me out again? LOL.

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