Monday, April 27, 2009

It's true.

I've been spending a whole lot of money this month. Like dayymmnn man I should stop! :( Maybe one day. LOL.

Anyways, so far the holiday has been pretty good to me. I've been having long relaxing days not doing anything much; just hanging out, going to places with people I know, eating outside and watching a hell lot of movies.

Went out for another movie trip with Abg and some cousins just now. We watched "Fast and Furious 4". It was a good movie, quite nice. =)

After the movie, we sent some cousins and my sibs back, and there were 4 of us left to hang out. As usual, trips to KFC is a must! Hahah. We took away food and hung out at our usual place. Had one of those genuine fun. I love it! :)


M K said...

fast and furious not quite nice, it's AWESOME!!! Mr Paul Walker was HAWT!!!

Syarifah Zahirah Al Attas said...

hahaha. meaa. i was waiting for more, so i guess my expectation was a lil too high! LOL. Yeah, paul walker is something alright. Hahaha. :D

M K said...

aaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAA... i would so marry him!!! but yea, i expected more drama and more racing. kan? it's a bit too dry la the movie. but still AWESOME!