Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ngahh. I can't sleep.

It's 2.30, my eyes are sleepy but I can't sleep. =(
And I gotta wake up early, I got assignments to do tomorrow..haiya...
Abg went back to Bintulu today, Shafiya & Harleen are not here with me due to their tuition free week & yes, I am all alone.
Last Sunday I tried sleeping all alone, I couldn't do it and slept like really late in the morning. I missed my class because of that! LOLs.
This may come as funny to you..but not me. Yeah, I admit it, I'm scared to sleep all alone.
Stuffs just keep on popping in and out of my head. I think I think too much. Ahah.

Gotta learn to sleep all alone one day eh. ;)

Right, I'm gonna watch movies till I get tired and fall asleep. Lol.

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