Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Turning Point.

Life's been an ass. It has been dull, that I need something interesting to happen.
You know, like get chased by the police again.
Get grounded and yet try to sneak out.
Follow people's cars to scare the hell out of them out of boredom.
Flip my dad's Prado one more time.
Go out with friends at 4 in the morning just because.
You know, doing all of that just to get the thrill.

I've been seriously busy. Been going out almost every night; if not around 9, then it's around 12 o'clock. And the thing is, I have the car all to myself yet nobody to share the excitement with!

I've been staying up late again, up until 4-5 in the morning. So much of trying to sleep early.

Friends have been busy lately, either that or just sick.
Life's sucky, I knowww.

So yeah, somebody please, amazed me. ;)

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