Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Good-Bad News.

Shite. I'm so screwed. I've been having mood swings today. Before you ask anything, YES I definitely know why. It is just too sad to be written here. So screw it.

I was shocked, then I was happy, I got hyper then. Then I got real sad. Minutes after that I laughed my ass off!

It goes like in a cycle. Keeps on repeating itself.

God damn, I have some mental problems. Seriously Ma should have taken me to Bandung with her. I need my real holiday too, Ma.

I'm so frustrated that no matter what, it won't disappear from my mind.
As if there's a large force, greater than gravity that's forcing it to be stuck there, and was never meant to be moved, at all.

It hurts badly...

No matter how hard friends tried to cheer me up, I can't seem to be happy for long. Just for that moment though, then when I'm left with my own thoughts, there I am, back in reality.

, go away.
Or maybe I should.


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