Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I was out with Abah the other day; we went groceries shopping.
There was this one little boy, he was crying his eyes out due to what, I have no idea.

It was so obvious that his parents were mad at him for crying in public.
It was a pity sight, but I couldn't do anything besides from looking at him from afar.

After paying for the things, we - Abah and I got in the car.
The little boy and his parents went to their motorbike and ride just right beside us.

The little boy was squashed between his parents, and still crying..
My heart leap out to him while I look at him from the car..
Searching for his eyes, I smiled..

He looked me in the eye, all confused.
Then, his frown turned into a smile, and he was amused to see someone smiling back at him!

He started laughing and clapping his hands together and waving at me.

How amazing is that? Just because I gave him a smile.
That made me smile the whole entire day.

A smile could brighten up someone's day with or without you knowing it.

This one's for you, little boy.
For all the rest of your days that you begin with a smile.

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