Monday, February 16, 2009

My Almost Second Mistake.

The thing is... I think I might still have some feelings towards you. Emphasizing on the word 'some' there. Which also explains why I am in deep shit. One thing's for sure, I know it won't work because I can't stand you!

The fact that you annoy the hell out of me at times, just makes me hate you more.
But seeing you with someone else, I don't know... Just felt awkward you know.
Can't blame me, its the feelings.

But I still think it was wrong of you to screw that innocent girl, just because I screwed you before? Oh please la mister! You know why I did that at the first place.

Still, I know you want it so bad, but I don't. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for letting you down.
You're seriously shit a good guy. Very charming and indeed intelligent.
I guess I prefer us to be friends.

Did you not notice the sparks when we were talking and hanging out these past few days? I know you did, that's why you said all those sweet things and tried to reason with me...
Very sweet of you.

The way I see it, there's more chemistry in us as friends. Rather than being together. But say if it would turn out to be the opposite, and it would work, I don't wanna rush things too.

I've made a mistake before, and I'm not ready to make another huge one. I'm still learning, slowly.

O M G. I'm in such a mess. Save me. ;(

I've made my bed, now I have to sleep in it.

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