Saturday, February 21, 2009

Great Weekend.

How was your weekend? I've been very weirdly active. Been going out for a swim every morning and jogs in the evening.. Yes, believe it people, because it is so true! I'm even impressed of myself! Hahah..

Though I think my skin is getting more tanned from being exposed to the great outdoors. Oh, wells! At least I'm happy doing what I'm doing! ;)

Been hanging out with the fellas too. Every single night without missed! Ahh, felt just like the old days, when we were not too busy with university life and could hang out anytime we wanted too.

Ohh, after a so very very long time, I went to the movies! Watched Underworld III with friends and siblings. It has been some time since I've actually had this much fun.. Here's some of the photos we took one of the many nights..

*the sibs*

*the fellas*

Right people, gonna take my time off and relax for a bit..

Ciao. I'm out!


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