Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Holidays!

I just got back from a longgg tiring day. LOL. Nevertheless, I had so much fun man! Started off with my last paper for this semester. Yes, I'm holidaying nowww~ *winkwink*

Anyways, I went out with Jenna, Sumi & Chai Shia. I'm gonna miss you guys during the hols ya know? ;) We went to the beach, then Bintang Mall... & where else did we go? Hahah. OMG, it was just now and I don't remember? LOL. Just tired la I guess..

So, here's some pictures we took & also some strangers took. Hahah!

We just had to take the "Who's-feet-are-these" picture. LOL.

Our silhouttes - an epic fail. Hahah!
Happy Jenna jumping.
Happy Chai Shia posing.
Happy Sumi peace-ing. HAHAH! :P
& yours tryly. ;)
Aww. I love you guys! ;)

After that, they sent me to Aunty Aminah's place for dinner. It was Fizah-her youngerst daughter's birthday, so I bought her a little something something. Hope she loves it. ;)
It was actually my first time meeting the whole lot of them as a one family, had a great time, and we seriously should do it more often!

&& Masitah! I did not know you were reading my blog?? Where in the world did you even find the link? LOL. Do drop in some comments, and we should hang out more! Do bring me out, cuzzy!

p.s. That guy; one of Ariffin's friends. He knew I'm an Al-Attas. How did he know thaatt? Try to find out for me please? K, thanks! LOL. Ahah, no really, thank you. =)

Ohhh, I didn't take pictures with you guys laaa. Next time okay C-tah. ;)

Oh-kayyy, heading to the shower to have a niceee longggg bathhhh. See ya. See ya. &happy holidays!!

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