Monday, June 29, 2009

Fun Day.

Despite being in an unstable state, I still can think straight. Thanks to my family and friends. =)

I've been keeping myself busy these few days, going out at every chance that I can get and having all these little little parties where I just hang out, eat and have some laughs. Kinda cured me a bit. We even had a barbecue party the other day. That was hella fun! We partied and danced at the porch at the end of the night to Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'. Just a contribution to him. ;)

Today...I went out with Abg & Hannah. We didn't really have a destination to go too though. We were just heading to random places just because we have the time to do so. It was a cold & rainy day and we went out to get ABC's! Lol.
I had fun playing around and being silly in the mall too.

& all of us together. :D

Andddd, I bought myself a new pair of shoes from Nose! LOL. Just can't get enough of shoes, can't I? Hahah.
It was between these babies and some gladiator heels. But since everybody is all hyped up with glads, I chose these pointy babies here! Plus, I have a bonus. It's not just pointy heels; it's pointy yellow heels! LOL. ;-P

Love these babies! ;)))

Alright, that's it for today. & to wrap things up, have a good night & happy holidays people!


Kucing Parsi said...

funny to see the girl who wear tudung and then the hat...

its like my friend, working while using her tudung and her hard hat, which make compulsory for her to wear both of it.

i do salute for girl who still with tudung and hope it to be in a long period of time.

stopping by-only. in search of porno actually!!

just kidding

Syarifah Zahirah Al Attas said...

Haha. Yeah.. We were just having fun. :D
but anyways, thank you so much for dropping by!
& again, thank you. ;)
Ohh. Haha, you might be in the wrong direction if you're searching for porno. :P

lin said...