Saturday, March 28, 2009

You Annoy Me.

Why do you expect the worst in me all the time?? It's not like I'm a kid. I'm not a child and I refuse to be treated as one. I don't get you, I don't get why you would not trust me? I know pretty well I'm the type of person that's hard to say "NO" to fun. But I know my limits. I have a solid ground that I'm standing on. I have a brain you see. I can think for myself. There is no need for you to think for me, because I know I am quite sane to do so on my own. I get pressured when you do this. I have no idea why you keep on doing it all over again. And again...and again...and again. Tell me why?? Be straight forward with me and tell me in the face. I've been keeping this all on my own, I can't stand it anymore. I'm sure probably you had told stories about me to people, stories that possibly does not even hold the slightest truth! You should be grateful that I am not as bad as the next person you know. I'm not lying, I have done some bad stuffs, but I know what I should or should not do. I know how to choose for myself, thank you very much. I'm very full in rage right this moment. But fortunately, it just happens you are not right here right now.

This is the part in my life that I call being betrayed.

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