Monday, March 23, 2009

I'll find the light someday.

Surprisingly, I'm skipping a lecture today. It's ECS Lecture, so I hope it's not a biggie. Abah, I'm sorry. I'll go next week okay? InsyaAllah. :(

It is only the beginning of a new week, but I'm already tired. All drained out from going back and forth to Bintulu. But I'll survive. ;)

I have not been happy with a couple number of people too. Seems like everything they do would just annoy the hell out of me.
Whatever it is, I think my mood is being stabilize slowly now.
I still do get mood swings and mostly my mood just goes down the drain.
I have not been laughing and smiling out of sincerity too lately.
And the saddest part is, all of these bad lucks are happening at the same time.

I'm still a bit lost. I feel insecure. I'm mentally harassed. I'm scared all the time now. I sleep all the time. I don't really care about things. I miss someone. I'm annoyed at some people. I don't really study that much. I don't really pay much attention in class. I don't really talk like I used to.
Basically, I'm just so down!

My god, what is wrong with me? :((


Anonymous said...

baruk first time skip lecture?! unbelievable. hahaha

since i had been skipping lectures and classes since school days, i would say sorry to my parents here, in epah's page :)

and oh sorry ma, i am skipping a class now.


Syarifah Zahirah Al Attas said...

LOL. I mean, I have before. Just that this is the first time this sem. Ahah. And I rarely skip classes laa, I feel guilty if I do. :D