Thursday, March 5, 2009

By Myself.

I wanna go to a place far far away.

Without anybody that I know..

Not even a single soul...

* * *

Never try to push me into something I won't agree to be doing.
All this while, I thought my life was 'okay', when I look back again, actually I was never happy.

Yes, I was for some reason. You see, I was happy for other people but not myself. I was never happy for myself.
I tried to be selfish, and make myself happy but it goes wrong every time.
The only happiness I can find is through things. Things that I purchased out of obsession and depression.

You see, no one knows this but me. I'm letting it out now, just in case if you happen to bump into another side of me that you were not aware of..

But I could still be the other person, that I am known of to be. I could always disguise myself in another personality, when I'm with other people and not alone.

I guess you do understand yourself better than any other person.. Even when you say you don't understand yourself, it actually means you do. A whole lot.

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