Tuesday, November 3, 2009

There's always a first time for everything.

I'm having finals next week and the week after that. Then, I'm done with this semester! Been trying to study these past few days. I tidied up my room and updated my notes just to set in the mood. Hopefully I'll be studying soon.

Oh, my roommate has been pretty happy this few days. HAHA. Yes, I just had to mention it here, Shafiya. I'm happy for you and good luck with that! ;)

I've been listening to Michael Jackson's - You Rock My World and Owl City's - The Saltwater Room a lot on repeat too. In fact, I'm listening to it now. Right this moment.


How was your Halloween people? I had fun! The crowd wasn't so fun; but the dressing up part was fun! I'll just post a picture from the party.

photo credits to Mr. Roy :)

Here, you have a witch, the angel, lady liberty, Frankenstein, the devil, a bunny and a bat. =) That's us; as this one group that was too shy to walk in as other people wasn't so dressing up. But it's Halloween! You're supposed to do so! Isn't that the whole point?? LOL.

I hope next Halloween would be more happening. I already have an idea on what to wear. ;D


I went out with the girls last weekend; Anthea, Marianne & I. We went under garments hunting! HAHAHA. Now I got Anthea broke and crazy over sleep wears & Marianne all hyped out on laces. :P
But it was, nonetheless, fun I tell ya!

Marianne & I. It was such a coincidence that we liked the same bag and it matches our outfit on that day. Cool huh? :D
A clearer picture of the bags that Marianne & I fell in love with. God, I really want this. God please give me the blue bag. :P
I didn't take a picture of Anthea, but I do have a picture of her sexy feet & her brand new sandals! Haha.
Hey girls, let's go out again! JOM JOM JOM. =)
&Ohh, remember that little plan of ours? Let's make it happen, and nobody will ever know. *wink wink grins*

Alright, I'm out of words already. I feel like cuddling in bed while watching a movie. Come join me? Night y'alls!

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