Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Someone save me?

Finals has begun, and god damn man, I still don't have a care in the world!

Someone slap me, someone slap me please.

My first paper was today, another one this Thusrday, one on Friday, and the next Monday. I'm free after that. Whoop-de-do! =)

It's 2.10 in the morning now, I should be sleeping...either that or studying with exams going on and all. But I slept the whole freaking day after my paper due to excessive information running in my head and some serious lack of sleep. I was too mentally and physically tired and drained. Now I'm all fresh and not even the slightest tired. &Everybody else is fast asleep.

Gawdd, perfet timing, Epah!
Just perfect. Hehs.



eDwin said...

go study!!!! *slap slap*

Syarifah Zahirah Al Attas said...

funny ha youuu. :p
come back cepatttt!!!
i know u want Martel.