Monday, August 24, 2009

Watch out fellas!

So...Let me tell you what has been happening lately.. Or at least for today... :P

I'm back back back in Miri!!! Just got back yesterday...

Shafiya is still in Shah Alam, and I'm making full use of the night lamp since she's not here. Haha.

Went out with the whole lot of Jeng to get some ingredients for the fish curry that Jaz will be cooking for sahur tonight. Sadly, I'm not fasting; but doesn't mean I can't have some! LOL.

Poom Poom got in to the quarter final!!! Finally, they made it. WHOO HOO! lol.

Was supposed to go for Amanda's birthday party going on now; but none of the Jeng felt like going, so that explains why I'm not going. Amanda kept asking me to go, and even Ashvind called! =(
I feel realllyyy awful. I'm so sorry Kitty Kat, I'll make it up to you okay Manda manda? =)

&also, Kevin crashed the car; therefore there's no car for us to go out. The car is in the workshop now and thank God, Kevin and Tako are safe. :)

Currently chatting up with Chris as I'm typing this down. LOL. I miss you old buddy! I miss your lameness! I think I miss you too much that I'm actually sounding really lame like you! Hahaha.

A guy is putting my name as his p.m. and I don't know why.. Still there, still there, still there.

Lastly, I have not been productive. I have yet to start revising for the mid terms && ALSO assignments! God, please help me. Hope I'll make it through, insyaAllah. =)

SO that's it people! See ya, when I see ya!

xoxo. ;)

p/s. My comment box is now officially open for Anyone - & yes, this includes Anonymous Users. =)


Anonymous said...

jia u!!
im sure u'll pass..

less on9 shopping and more reading..

-jeng tower

Syarifah Zahirah Al Attas said...

HAHAHA. I'll try, but no promises. lol.

xoxo ;)

Harleen Atica said...

hahahaha just put ur name la buddy, JENG tower.. heh like i dont know :P
hahaha kidding!
i love my jeng :P

Anonymous said...

i were to put my name..
then wats the point of being anonymous..


-jeng tower