Saturday, August 29, 2009

Some things never change.

I've been staring at the same web page from yesterday. It's something I Google-d for my Marketing 100 assignment. I have to identify my primary target market it says here; referring to my outline. &The more I read through; the more I get confused. :S

I gotta figure this out soon. I HAVE TO.

I tried studying too, but well - EPIC FAILURE. As least I tried? Hehh.

Let me see, a little note-to-self here.
What have I gotta do within these two weeks? Hmm...
1. Marketing 100 assignment.
2. Study for Business Law 100 Topic 2&3, also the 4 step processes.
3. Economics 100 midterm.
4. Economics 100 article analysis.
5. Business Info System 100 individual assignment.
6. Business Info System 100 group assignment.

Surprise, surprise... None of it is done; and still I'm typing away instead of carrying with my responsibility.
Epah epah. Apa la you...



Anthea said...

you're not the only one....

Syarifah Zahirah Al Attas said...

I'm scared...Yet, not doing anything! LOL.

Anthea said...

i'm scared oso baaa! i didn't do a SINGLE THING during free week. WAKAKA. epah... how this epah.. HOW??? i'm scared :(

Syarifah Zahirah Al Attas said...

Why are we living our lives like this Anthea? HAHAHA. Not to worry, as what I told Marianne; we'll make it out alive. If not, probably we'll make it out half dead. But still alive. LOL.

Anthea said...


I have no idea why we are living our lives like this. It is far too risky. But yet, we still do it. WAKAKA.

I hope we make it out alive :( even though half dead LOL.