Friday, August 14, 2009

So, people! How are ya?

I have not been updating for quite an amount of time now and I think my dearest blog must have missed my rantings and ramblings. Sorry dear Bloggie, here's one for you! Hee. :P

Anyways, I've been really random this week; and people have been random with me. S.E.R.I.O.U.S.L.Y. Hahah. :D
Let me just state what's been going on here; just so you don't feel left out. HAHA:

1. I've flirted with 5, okay, maybe 6 different guys in one whole day.
2. I went on the last Curtin bus for one ride and didn't even get off: Yes, the driver was weirded out.
3. I'm thinking of doing a labret-below the lips.
4. I laughed like hell in a 3 hours class.
5. I laughed like hell in the same class; when I was doing a test.
6. I feel like clubbing, and doing something wild. Not a good idea; but am capable of doing so.
7. My economics 100 lecturer thought I was not Malaysian.
8. One of my new friend thought I was a Christian.
9. I've made over 30 new friends in less than 2 weeks.
10. Now I know I'm capable of talking and getting a guy to ask me out with just a smile.
11. Another new friend thought I was from Detroit.
12. I've not been thinking of him lately. I am now, but still-an improvement!
13. Found out an old scandal liked my blog. Maybe still do?
14. I drove to DPS at 9p.m. just to get Mango juice.
15. I think guys with button up shirts, jeans and sneakers are sexy.
16. I think I may be crushing on 4 different guys at the same time.
17. Abah bought me a new phone.
18. I'm thinking of changing to Maxis; well Abah is forcing me too actually.
19. I've been fasting for the couple of days.
20. I bought new matching boxers and singlets.
I'm psyched out and very eager for Poom Poom to play in the futsal tournament next week!

WOO-HOO! Tut tu ru rut tut! POOM POOM! ;)))

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