Friday, July 24, 2009

MJ's new friend!

Currently listening to 'Ai Wo Bie Zhou'...the Jay Chou version though.. =)

I was playing with MJ the past few days, and I thought it may be lonely sitting alone in that cage of his... SO... I bought another one!! LOL.
I had one hamster, I bought another one.. Now I have two! That to me, made sense mathematically! (Russell Peters accent) Hahah. ;P

It's the same color, just that its a female and a lil bit smaller in size.
So everybodyyyy... Meet Minnie a.k.a Mrs. MJ.

Oooppsie! :P

Eyes bulging out wide man... Hahaha.

Damn cuteee. ;))

That's MJ!

That's both of 'em together. MJ on the left, Minnie on the right.
You hardly can tell them apart yeah? LOL.

I loveeeee them both!!! =)

That's it for now y'alls!

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