Saturday, July 4, 2009


I badly need to get out and clear my head! I need some shopping! I mean, I got brand new clothes yesterday from Abah's trip to KL... But the satisfaction is not the same as when you yourself are actually out there picking/choosing/selecting your own garment. Oh my God, I think I may need help, it seems I'm just wayyy too addicted with shopping. What kind of problems am I facing actually? :(

Oh dayyyymmmmmm.

And oh, I tried sleeping early earlier on, and I did. But I woke up halfway through, explains why I'm typing this down at 3.26 friggin' a.m.

AND, one more thing, FARUQ!!! Happy Birthday buddyyyyyyy!

We've been good buddies for quite a long longg time. And I can happily admit that we've been through thick and thin all this while. Lucky to have you as a friend. Really. ;)
Let me just tell you, I was actually planning a surprise party for you okay? LOL. But I failed because you are not even in Bintulu right now! Ah wells, I'll take you out for dinner. Happy Birthday and may you have an enjoyable one! && all the best for your upcoimg exams! XOXO.

Out yalls!

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