Monday, July 6, 2009


Was supposed to go to KL next week, but Abah just HAD to have an emergency meeting in KL tomorrow, so he headed to KL this morning already. &Since he just came back from KL yesterday, he said he's gonna cancel the trip next week because he doesn't want to keep going back and forth from home to KL back to home, then KL and then finally back home. I don't know if you get what I mean, but aww, kesian Abah lelah. =(

But, still...I want need to go shopping! Oh, how sad! But oh wells, as what Nash said, pity my daddy. So, it's okay la. Hujung tahun okay Abah!! Hehehe. :-P

&Of course, Abah just had to force me to continue my driving lessons. I'm starting class tomorrow. I don't like driving lessons; bores me to death. Huhh.

And, ohhh... It's approximately 3.10 p.m now, and I have not been sleeping since yesterday. O.o

Right, ciao!

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