Friday, July 17, 2009

Holiday last-minute update. =)

I'm in bloody confusion right now. I don't know what to do; I don't know what to think...
Should I go for option A, or should I go for option B? Hmm...

on a lighter note...

Let me tell you what I've been up to the past few days..

Holiday started off really nice, everything just went on smooth. But that was just the starting. After that, things started getting a lil bit busy. Been going out every single day and night. Not good eh? Well at least it helps me sleep at night since I'm so damn tired from going out and having fun the whole entire day! :D

Clare left for two days ago. How sad... I miss you already :(

The last night she was here, Clare picked Rome, Chrystal, Valerie & I up. Shu Wen joined us later on. We went to this place called 'Blueberry Cafe'; we drank, we ate and we played pool. & for the first time, I had my hands on those stuffs and I found out I suck so bad in snooker! LOL.
But anyways, we crashed Harleen's crib after that. We were making too much noise it's fortunate none of the neighbours complained. ;D

*Ohhh. Val! I want pixxies!!!*
I don't have the ones with you nor Rome inside.
please & thank you! ;)

I'm just gonna upload random photos here, just to share the activities we did. ENJOY!

Presenting... Clare! With our transport. Yes, all of us had to squeeze inside the tiny Kancil.
Clare; Our Ahmad. Chrystal; Penolong Ahmad. Harleen; Penumpang Ahmad. :-P

Again. Yes, we kinda entered a construction site...
And they wanted me to pose. LOL.That place that we entered.
...which we weren't supposed to...
Harleen, I, Chrystal.Some random photo...
Harleen & I.

That's all for now! TTFN.

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