Friday, December 4, 2009

Still on hiatus.

I'm still in KL and have been for quite some time. Gonna still be here for a few days more before heading back home. Having too much fun can be tiring. But of course, worth it. :)

So sorry for no updates oh ye obidient readers. :P

Anyways, been going to the movies almost every night. I have watched most of the movies that are playing in the cinemas around KL.

Though... I am yet to go to a foam party. LOL.

Oh yeah, I watched Paranormal Activity and I tell ya, it sucks. So baddddd. I can't believe some people got freaked out from watching that. But whatever then...

Alright people, gotta be moving. Have some more plans going on. Ciao!


Accyee said...

Paranormal activity did scare me out a bit. hahaha! and that was with lights on and all! but of course, after everyone gave suchhhhh grave reviews. anyway, i think the effect works best in a dark and super silent room. hehe. happy hols:)

Syarifah Zahirah Al Attas said...

LOL. Maybe because there were too many people telling me that it was sooo scaryyy that I expected it to freak me out like hell, but it didn't. Haha. :P
Happy Hols to u too Abby dear! ;)