Friday, December 11, 2009

I'm home!

Hey peeps! So finally, I'm back home. I had so much fun in KL though. Sarah, Hannah, Dinah! I miss you guyssss!!! :(

Anyways, been going out a lot these few days. Been trying to figure out some stuff up too. I'm quite in a mess and I had just learned about a few stuff that has been happening back home while I was away. InsyaAllah, everything is going to turn out fine. InsyaAllah. =)

&Finally, I've been able to go online from the comfort of my home on my own laptop. Nothing beats the feeling of familiarity you get from using your own things eh?

So I made a mini checklist for what I'm gonna do during my hols. Check this out:

List of things to do during summer break.
1. Have fun!
2. Have more fun!!
3. Have even more fun!!!


Moving on...

I was on and I read through one of the submission and I thought it was just so damn funny I just had to post it up here.
I somehow pity the guy though. Anyways, this is what he wrote:-

Today, I woke up and looked in the mirror and noticed that my face was covered in glitter. I asked my wife about it and she said she put it on me while I was sleeping so that I would sparkle like Edward from Twilight when I'm in the sunlight. FML

Hahaha. My god. Please people, stop with the Twilight rage already. Hehe. Have fun people! I know I will. :D


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