Thursday, May 28, 2009

Frisbee Obsession!

It's approximately 7.05 and I had just got back from playing Frisbee. I knoww, right. Who the hell in their right mind would wake up before 6 in the morning and go out just to play Frisbee? LOL. Me & my brother, that's who! :DD

I blame Chris for this mania. Hahah. He started all this frisbee thingy. We were walking around campus one day, and saw a bunch of people running like crazy trying to catch somewhat almost looked like a smaller version of a 'UFO' flying saucer thingy.

I don't know what got into Chris but he got all excited and started forcing me to play. Being a very good friend that I am, I played. HAHAH. And it actually turned out to be fun!

So, we had been playing Frisbee since then! LOL.
Here are half of the pictures I snapped yesterday...

Okay, I have an Accounting 062 project reflection that I'm supposed to be passing up today, and it's not that done yet. Guess I should be doing that. I'm off people!

Toodles! Selamat Hari Gawai & Happy Holidays! ;)

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