Monday, May 18, 2009


Currently sitting my ass down in the computer lab with Jenna, Sumi and Chai Shia. I swear I thought we were done with all these shizz. Guess I'm wrong. My eyes are sleepy, I'm all drained out and tired, I didn't get enough sleep, I'm just not in a good state. But I still need to finish up on a few things... A couple of assignments and one more exam to come.. SIGH. I need to shop! Desperately!!!

And the best part in these 2 weeks; I was rarely online! Like OMG. The wireless line sucks so bad that I can't connect. And there's this major thing with the internet on campus. I can't even do my work withouit the internet. Thus, again - the lack of updates and very much not updated with any stuffs. I just kept on losing tracks with anything now. -_-

I have hundreds of notifications on facebook, and more yet to be discovered. Lol. Right, gotta go now. I still have some business proposals and plans to do. Haiyoh.

Ciao people!

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