Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sleep texting.

Hi ya peeps!

How's your day? Mine's okay. Though, I had a bit of a shock from someone sometime this morning. A good shock probably, but you's not supposed to happen.

Anyhoos...moving on....

So, like... I've been having all these dreams right, like they are so totally weird. LOL. But yes, I have been having weird ass dreams that may include you probably!!! It all seemed so real that I got freaked out myself. It's hard to explain, but I think these dreams of mine lately has got to do with what I keep thinking of. &Even when I slept for 8 freaking hours, I still feel tired when I wake up. :(
It's the subconscious mind of Epah, man. & It's scaaary.

&It's not like it's not already weird...
But apparently, I've been sending weird messages to certain people in this few weeks whenever I wake up with a jolt from my sleepless dreams. I've been sending messages half asleep. I've been sleep textinggg.
It's like drunk dialing, except that I don't drink and it's not a call, and I won't exactly remember on what I'm doing. GAWD.
I blame the overload shit full of works & the tense. It's intensity is too intensive.

GAAHHH. Oh well.

Good night.


Nabil said...

haha ok sleep texting sounds freaky...but tell me,when u sleep text,dyu have the slightest bit of conciousness of what you're doing?
i have this prblem of semi sleep texting...usually i wake up with having a boner...and i end up sending some naughty texts to a lot of people! THAT is weirder than your condition

Syarifah Zahirah Al Attas said...

Hahaha Nabil! Noo, i'm not conscious while doing this, well. Maybe semi-conscious, u can it's something like that. It is still freaky okayy! 'Cos i'll go back to sleep and think it was all in the dream. But I actually did send the message/s. It ranges from sad to happy to naughty ones! HAHAHA. One common shared? ;)